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Europe's best food festivals for 2016

Rail Europe’s Five European Food Festivals for 2016!

There is no doubt that many Australians have come to love European cuisine, with some of the most popular being French, Italian, Spanish and Greek. However, Europe’s culinary horizon extends far beyond the Mediterranean nations and Rail Europe shortlisted five countries and their food festivals for the discerned foodie traveller.

Tapas, Spain
Catalonia, Spain

Being the European Region of Gastronomy for 2016, Catalonia will be boasting its rich culinary heritage including its 63 Michelin Star restaurants, 12 wine regions and a series of gastronomic hotels. Visitors can expect to have their senses spoiled by vibrant colours, rich aromas and unmistakable flavours of Catalonian cuisine wherever they go in the region.

Exploring Catalonia and around Spain is easy with a Spain Pass or via France-Spain High Speed tickets if heading over from France.

VegfestUK Bristol, England

UK’s largest annual vegan event, VegfestUK Bristol will run over two days from 21-22 May 2016. Visitors can expect to enjoy a weekend of live music, taste international vegan food from about 160 stalls, 15 caterers, bars and juice bars; pick up on some useful cooking skills, nutritional tips; and even learn about the vegan philosophy and lifestyle.

Bristol is 1.42hours by train west from London. Travellers can explore England and the around the UK using a Britrail England Pass.

Prague Food Festival

Prague Food Festival

Running for 10 years now, the Prague Food Festival is an extravagant event that takes place on the verdant lawns of the Royal Gardens at Prague Castle. Taking place from 27-29 May this year, the best chefs and restaurants will wow visitors with their culinary interpretations and creativity. From soups to desserts and beverages of all sorts, there will be endless tasting opportunities, discussions and classes to keep visitors engaged.

Discovering the culinary delights of Prague, Czech Republic and Eastern Europe is easy with a European East Pass.

Stockholm, Sweden
Taste of Stockholm, Sweden 

Running in its 25th year, Taste of Stockholm will take place from 2-6 June. From a two-day event and 90,000 visitors when it first began, the event today runs for five days and welcomes 350,000 visitors. This year will see 24 restaurants, 14 food trucks, 45 chefs (including four Michelin star chefs), 35 bakers and 30 small food-entrepreneurs from around the country educate, inspire and spoil the senses of every visitor.

Travelling around Sweden and Scandinavia can be done cost effectively with a Scandinavian Pass (covering Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway).

Wiesbaden, Germany
Rheingau Wine Festival in Wiesbaden, Germany
Germany, well known for its beers and Oktoberfest, is not the first place foodies will think of when it comes to wine, yet it is a country that produces quite a wide variety of wine, some of them featured in the Rheingau Wine Festival. Running for 40 years now and entering its 41st year, the Rheingau Wine Festival will take place from 12-21 August, where a variety of wine estates and local delicacies from Rheingau and Wiesbaden will be featured.

Wiesbaden is a 46min train ride from Frankfurt. Travellers can explore this region and other parts of Germany using a German Rail Pass.

Manager Australasia of Rail Europe, Ingrid Kocijan, says, “Backed by rich history, culture and long-standing traditional cooking methods, Europe is a kaleidoscope of gastronomic experiences. There is certainly a lot more of European culinary experiences to be had beyond the norm or what is already popular.”

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