Sunday, January 24, 2016

On the trail of Agatha Christie

By guest blogger LEE MYLNE

Sleuthing is not required, but there’s much to be discovered on the Agatha Christie Trail and fans of the 'Queen of Crime' should add Devon to their plans for a UK holiday.

Spending time with Alex Graeme of Unique Devon Tours will reveal all you ever wanted to know about Torquay’s favourite daughter, who set many of her best-selling mystery novels in and around what’s now called 'The English Riviera'.

Library at Greenway (image by Lee Mylne)
From the Torquay’s Grand Hotel, where Agatha spent her honeymoon, we hit the Agatha Christie Mile, taking in the Princess Pier (her favoured roller-skating spot), the elegant Pavilion where Archie Christie proposed, and the bronze bust created to commemorate the Agatha Christie Centenary Year in 1990. The Torquay Museum is worth a look, as it is home to the UK’s only dedicated Agatha Christie Gallery.

Agatha Christie bust at Torquay (image by Lee Mylne)

From Dartmouth, take the ferry to Agatha Christie’s country house, Greenway, for a glimpse of the private world the writer shared with her second husband and daughter. Surrounded by rambling gardens, the National Trust-listed house is a time capsule preserved with the same furniture and knick-knacks that belonged to the family.

Torquay Pavilion (image by Lee Mylne)
The Greenway boathouse is a quiet spot to contemplate the Dart River. Allow time for a Devonshire tea in the café before you leave, and perhaps pick up a mystery novel for your in-flight reading at the souvenir shop.

Die-hard fans should note that every September there’s the Agatha Christie Festival in Torquay, and plan their visit well ahead!

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