Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Do you buy souvenirs?

With the weakening Aussie dollar, more and more travellers are becoming savvier and looking for value for money when planning a trip abroad. Research from InterContinental Hotel Group has revealed that for those travelling overseas, there is one thing that travellers are not willing to skimp on: souvenirs.
The humble souvenir still plays a big part in our travel experience – in fact, 7 out of 10 travellers say that they still purchase a souvenir while on holiday. So, what are the motives behind our souvenir purchases?

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Hey, big spender

·         Australian’s don’t skimp when it comes to souvenirs - 25% of Australians are prepared to spend a huge $130 when purchasing souvenirs for themselves, compared to the average traveller who spends $54…
·         …contrary to what we may think, souvenirs are out of vogue with older travellers – only 68% above the age of 45 would purchase a souvenir on a trip
·         And despite the fact that experience is everything with the younger traveller, 76% of under 25s still seek out souvenirs when travelling to bring home a slice of new and exciting cultures.

Different souvenir customs
·         In Japan, bringing souvenirs back for your colleagues is customary. When it comes to the kind of gifts, 46% of Japanese travellers prefer to bring food items back from a trip
·         Travellers in Japan are most likely to accommodate a souvenir request (60%), while Aussies are least likely with only 15% saying they would bring a souvenir back
·         In The Middle East 42% say that jewellery is the most popular souvenir gift to receive
·         Travellers from Australia, South East Asia and The Middle East are more likely to think of their partners first when purchasing a souvenir, and family second

It’s all about the cultural experience

·         Surprisingly, despite Australia’s strict import laws on bringing food into the country, food is one of the most popular souvenir choices, with art and antiques close behind
·         Modern travellers prefer a cultural experience when shopping for souvenirs - 42% of travellers think that local markets are the most popular place to hunt for a take home gift, compared to 23% who would buy a souvenir at a landmark
·         Shopping malls are out of fashion when it comes to purchasing a take-home memory - only 5% of travellers would purchase a souvenir from a mall, and only 7% would buy a take-home gift from an airport
So if you’re on the souvenir hunt and want to immerse yourself in some local culture, we’ve handpicked the top markets across the country to pick up a perfect Australian souvenir:

Australia’s top markets
New South Wales

·         Glebe Markets, Sydney
Situated in the heart of Sydney’s hipster Glebe, Glebe markets are the perfect place to find an on-trend handmade item of jewellery, item of vintage clothing or handmade candle.
·         Mudgee Farmers Market, Mudgee
A four hour drive north of Sydney, Mudgee is one of Australia’s best food and wine regions. This bustling farmers market takes place on the third Saturday of each month – here you can find a whole host of tasty treats including fresh produce, meats, cheese and confectionery.
·         Kirribilly Markets, Sydney
With stunning views of Sydney Harbour, the monthly Kirribilly market is the perfect place to find something special – from vintage clothing, to handmade goods, there’s a souvenir for everyone here.


·         Camberwell Sunday Market, Melbourne
Camberwell is Melbourne’s biggest marketplace for pre-loved wares, with a huge 370 stalls in total. From the most delicate string of vintage pearls to retro furniture, this market is perfect for those looking for an authentic take-home souvenir.
·         Mornington Race Market, Victoria,
From new clothing, to hand made goods, cakes and pies, there’s nothing you won’t find at Mornington Markets, whether you are a fashionista or a foodie.



·         West End Twilight Markets, Brisbane
The West End Twilight Markets feature a diverse mix of treasures, food and live performance, every second Saturday afternoon into the early evening.

·         Eumundi Markets

The Eumundi Markets are Queensland's favourite, attracting customers with its vibrant atmosphere, mouth-watering street food, diverse array of produce and inspired artworks and homewares.

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