Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Variety in Taiwan

So much to see and do in Taiwan: here are a couple of happy memories from a trip a couple of years back.
A visit to Long Shan temple add colour and a spiritual buzz to your day. The temple is in the Wanhua District; there is a conglomeration of gods, goddesses and a few demons watching over this erstwhile establishment.

Temple deacons - at Long ShanTemple.

Whatchoo lookin'at? Pingxi.

Temple decoration -  Long Shan.

Rethinking a visit to Taiwan a couple of years ago - the colours and sights still linger - what a wonderful island it is. The people, the food, the traditions, continue to draw international visitors.

 Lanterns aloft - the Sky Lantern Festival.

Take a train trip on the HSR from Taipei to Kaohsiung, transfer to MRT on arrival and head to Formosa Boulevard Station ‘Dome of Light’- a railway station that will live in your mind forever. The brilliant Dome of Light was created by renowned artist Narcissus Quagliata. The dome is the world's largest public art installation made from individual pieces of coloured glass. The work not only adds to the beauty of the station, but also adds a new dimension to the art life of the city. Standing beneath it is heavenly. Taking four years to complete, the work was overseen by Quagliata and shipped from Germany for installation at the station. The dome tells the story of human life in four chronologically arranged themes: Water: The Womb of Life; Earth: Prosperity and Growth; Light: The Creative Spirit; and Fire: Destruction and Rebirth, with an overall message of love and tolerance.

At the Buddha Memorial Centre in Kaohsiung.

I've posted a few images and especially the ones from a retro-cool little eatery called Chang-Wu Trademark Noodle restaurant - for the full Monty combination 'family noodle bowl'- eat at your leisure. I ordered the medium for four of us - and it was too much.
Try and have a meal here while you are in Taipei.

 At Chang-Wu Trademark Noodle eatery.
 The 'family bowl'.

And there'll be a story on Taiwan in the next (spring) issue of www.getupandgo.com.au
And visit: www.taiwan.net.tw

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