Monday, August 19, 2013

‘Excuse me, sir? You left your parrot in seat 38E.’


Parrots, passports and prosthetic legs are just some items found on board after a flight - thanks to PEPR for this item for Get Up & Go's blog. We love lists - and what people leave behind on planes is staggering in its variety . . .

An international survey of 700 cabin crew by leading global travel search site Skyscanner reveals that parrots, glass eyes and prosthetic legs are amongst a host of bizarre items found by cabin crew after passengers had disembarked their flights.
The extensive list includes a number of items, with many of these oddly being forgotten pets. Crew members reported to have found a falcon, frog, tortoise, and even a parrot abandoned at the end of the flight.
Dentures, underwear, a bag of sand, and handcuffs also made the long list of weird and wonderful items found by cabin crew, posing the question: ‘how on Earth did they manage to forget that?’
Other items found were just simply too random to comprehend, such as a single egg without packaging. But some items found could have perhaps been linked, such as a written marriage proposal and an unclaimed wedding dress.

It is no surprise that when it comes to the regular travel essentials, passengers are woeful at remembering to check if their important items are all in tow before hopping off at their destination.
Almost a quarter (24%) of the crew have found a lost passport on board, which actually outweighed the number of lost phones (23%) and books (21%) also left behind.
Dave Boyte, Market Development Manager Australia and New Zealand commented: ‘Forgetting your book or magazine happens often when disembarking and most of us have had that sinking feeling when misplacing your passport. But a prosthetic leg? Now surely that’s something you don’t forget?
Here are just some of the most random items that cabin crew have found on a plane:

·         Live parrot

·         Glass eye

·         Prosthetic leg

·         A bag of sand

·         A clog

·         Box of dried fish

·         One shoe

·         Wedding dress

·         Bag of diamonds

·         Wig

·         Bag of onions

·         Toupee

·         Handcuffs

·         Double bass

·         One egg (without packaging)

·         Frog

·         Underwear

·         Written marriage proposal

Skyscanner conducted a survey of 700 cabin crew from 83 countries through
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