Monday, July 8, 2013

Snapshots of Greece

I'm writing about one of my favourite towns/cities in Greece, Nafplio. Getting a few words together for the spring issue of Get Up & Go, and I'm feeling especially nostalgic for my spiritual home. I went to Greece for three months once and stayed three years. I was young, fancy free and crazy for Greece. I travelled around the islands, all through the Peloponnese and fell ill for a few days and ended up in Nafplio to recover. It was winter and the old town was looking a but frayed at the edges; the neo-classical buildings had long lost their lustre and the locals were very grumpy because they were tired after the summer season of tourists and were not liking the cold.
Nafplio is about two hours' drive across Corinth to the Argolic Gulf.

 Palamidi Fortress
Restored neo-classical house.

I was in a hotel room for three days and got cabin fever. Went out and decided to catch the first bus - to go anywhere for the day. Twelve km along the road and the bus turned the corner and I gasped at the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. It was a magnificent bay with a tiny island in the middle with a small monastery (Coronis) and a big island of two pointed peaks (locally known as Aphrodite's titties - true, the pronunciation in Greek is Aphroditty).

 They flock to the old town
Back streets


I made up my mind to come back here - the village is called Tolo, and I did. Stayed for a week, got to know a few locals to line up work for the summer - left for England and returned four months later.
Then my real romance with Tolo and Nafplio began.
I won't relate my adventures over a three year period in Tolo - it would take up several blogs and much of it is almost x-rated - I was a hippie!- but I will say that my break from Tolo was down the road at Naffers. A couple of friends and I would go to a tiny hole in the wall café for mezze and much vino. We sometimes hitched a ride on the local tour boat going elsewhere and it would drop us off at night to cruise the tavernas.
I went back to Nafplio a couple of years ago and spent a few days there on my own before meeting up with my sister to go cruising from Greece to Turkey.
 Bourtzi in the distance

The days were perfect, I walked the old town streets and saw how beautiful the buildings had been spruced up - I'm kinda getting an idea where Greece went wrong with the budget!
I ate there, found a cheapo cute hotel and sat at the waterfront and reminisced on how my previous time was spent there.
All in all, pretty happy all things considered.


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