Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bern listed as Top 10 European Destination for 2013



Lonely Planet has just listed Switzerland’s capital city of Bern as one of the top 10 European destinations to visit in 2013.
Author of Lonely Planet, Andy Murdock says,  'Bern itself is perhaps the most underrated capital city on the continent. If you’re expecting stodginess from a Swiss seat of government, Bern quickly dashes such notions with its graceful blend of the old and genteel with the modern and edgy. The gorgeous fountain-filled 15th-century UNESCO World Heritage site Old Town (where you can visit Albert Einstein’s former house) is paired with the futuristic Renzo Piano designed Paul Klee Center. Artsy boutiques, intellectual bars and cutting-edge locavore cuisine is the name of the game here. Nearby, cheese lovers can follow the Emmental Cheese Route by bike (complete with mobile app that guides you from cheese to cheese). The annual Buskers Street Music Festivalis ideal for budget-conscious music lovers: it fills the streets of Old Town with music and performances for free (or whatever you can toss in the hat).”
He also added a travel tip to taste: 'Bern’s locavore leanings at the popular Lötschberg AOC, with an all-Swiss wine and beer list, local cheese specialities and seasonal produce”
Director of Switzerland Tourism in Australia, Evelyn Lafone, says: 'Bern is a quaint and historical city of cobbled stone streets and limestone buildings that takes one back a few centuries. It’s also home to the world’s longest historical shopping street which transforms into the pulse of the night with its underground restaurants, cellars and bars.


“Only an hour by train from Zurich, Bern often surprises visitors with its very well preserved heritage, relaxed attitude and natural beauty,” she says. “Unlike many other capital cities around the world, Bern is probably one of most laid back. It’s even listed as one of the top 10 cities for best quality of life in 2012.”
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And while we're talking about Switzerland, in the upcoming issue of Get Up & Go we feature a story on Stein am Rhein, a charming mediaeval village that editor Bev Malzard dropped in on . . .read all about it, in early July. Subscribe now - go to
 Swiss chooks.

 Stein am Rhein.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Light-fingered travellers OR thieving villains?

Get Up & Go can't get enough of  this contributor who uncovers the strange facts about the travelling world! In his continuing search for the more weird, wacky and wondrous in the world of travel, David Ellis says an amazing 35% of hotel guests globally, admit they have more in their luggage when they leave their hotel, than when they entered it.
The 2013 Amenities Survey asked 8,600 guests around the world if they had ever taken anything – other than those little shampoos and other toiletries that we all know are deliberately put there for the taking (and in Aussies’ cases, Vegemite portions – sachets – from the dining room tables as well).
Those from Denmark came out tops amongst the 29 nationalities surveyed, with just 12% admitting that Yes, they’d pinched something during a hotel stay. Those from the Netherlands were second-most honest, Norway third and Brazil, Canada and Hong Kong equal fourth.
Thieving villains
Aussies came in equal-19th with Germany, with 28 per cent of us saying we’d taken  hotel property away with us after a stay, while a tad more New Zealander's (27%) were more honest guests.
The most light-fingered of all, according to the survey, were guests from Colombia: an amazing 57% admitting to knocking-off stuff from their rooms or hotel public areas during a stay.
Most commonly-lifted items were books and magazines from lounges, lobbies and reading rooms, followed by bed-sheets, pillows and towels from guest rooms… with the Chinese showing they obviously had the most spacious of all suitcases, which they happily filled with not only linens and towels, but hotel bedside lamps, room clocks, radios, and even art off the walls.
And the least stolen? Gideons’ Bibles.