Sunday, May 12, 2013

Flying high in Switzerland

After a couple of lazy days in Switzerland's most charming city,I catch the ferry from Lucerne along the lake to Alpnachstad and for the thrill of the day head for the world’s steepest cogwheel railway – it’s fantastic! you are pulled up almost vertically through the clouds and then the sun shines as we alight after seeing the entire mountain experience of Heidi. Ticking off 2132m above sea level, it’s time for a cuppa, on the Pilatus Kulm peak. Looking around at 73 mountain peaks within photographing distance I enjoy pure mountain air and . . . the strains of an oompah band at the restored hotel on top of the world.


Saturated with sun and a-grade ozone, I headed for the next mode of transport. The aerial cableway opened its doors and we began the gentle swoop into the nothingness of a cheeky cloud that wouldn’t budge. Left it behind and enjoyed seeing Lake Lucerne and its shoreline perimeters; graded mountain sides; eagles diving and a winding go-cart that looked like a lot of fun track going down the mountain.

The airborne finale was the trip in a gondola to Kriens, where I ambled through the suburbs, and caught the number 1 bus back to Lucerne – a 15- minute trip, with enough daylight left to enjoy a cool drink on the balcony of Hotel des Balances, overlooking the lake and city.

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