Sunday, April 21, 2013

Travel intelligence?

In his continuing search for the more weird, wacky and wondrous in the world of travel, guest blogger for Get Up & Go David Ellis says travel agents get used to fielding some pretty oddball questions, and a recent survey amongst agents brought these pearlers to light:

. Are there any lakes in England’s Lakes District?
. Is Wales closed during Winter?
. The brochure says “No hairdressers at the resort.” We are trainee hairdressers, so will
   we be okay staying there?
. What month should we avoid being in New York so we don’t get caught up in the May
  Day demonstrations?
. What kind of performances can we see in London’s Piccadilly Circus?
. We saw ruined castles and abbeys almost every day of the tour in the UK. Why did
  they build so many of them?
. And this couple who complained to their agent on their return home from a
  Mediterranean cruise, that they were enjoying one particular port so much that they
  left a note in their cabin asking the Captain if he could stay in port a bit longer for them
  to enjoy even more of it. Their complaint?  “When we got back from our sightseeing,
  the ship had gone…”
Some mothers do have ‘em.


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