Thursday, April 11, 2013

Taipei's Flower Power

The Jianguo Holiday Flower Market is located under the Jianguo Expressway, along Jianguo South Road, in Taipei, Taiwan's capital city. Every weekend the giant fecund fair springs to life and visitors appear in great hordes as if by magic. This is a great place for expatriate and foreign travellers to check out Taipei-style living and what plants are the desired decoration - or maybe the plants to ring in annual holidays.

And with flowers here - there is poetry in the names - the pronunciation of the first character in 'butterfly orchid', for example, is similar to that for 'good fortune and happiness.'. The peony has long been known as the 'flower of riches and honor.'.
The flower market stretches almost half a kilometer and spans more than 8000 square meters. You'll find more than 200 seller's booths to inspect. People come in droves each weekend, just to enjoy the sweet colours and scents, many to buy, the place becoming one of Taipei's most popular gardens of activity.And after doong over the Flower Market - head across the road to the Jade Market!

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