Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting high in Switzerland

For thrill seekers and for those with steely nerves try this - a walk on Switzerland’s new Mount Titlis Cliff Walk – billed as Europe’s highest suspension bridge and most-certainly one of the world’s scariest.
Stretching almost 100m over a vast drop between two points of the Swiss Alps and at 3000m above sea level, the bridge offers views across the Alps, and on a clear day into Italy. 
With a steel-mesh deck just 90cm wide and reinforced wire-mesh sides 2m high to prevent any possibility of visitors falling off, the Cliff Walk took five months to build at a cost of AU$1.53m.
And while it sways as visitors walk across it at any time, it can truly rock ‘n' roll when swept by 200kmh gales, making it as a spokeswoman said, "the highest-adrenaline new adventure in Switzerland.
"But as well as winter gales it’s strong enough to carry up to 500 tonnes of snow and ice – something that’s highly unlikely as it will be regularly ‘groomed’ during the winter months.”
(David Ellis reporting for Get Up & Go) 
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