Monday, July 2, 2012

Unhappy packages - for a happy divorce

Our loyal reader and enthusiatic traveller David Ellis is always on the hunt for weird and whacky tales. His continuing search has uncovered a British travel agency that has joined others in the USA selling the ultimate in packages to the Caribbean for unhappy couples…
It’s got a two-day getaway to the Dominican Republic that includes a night’s hotel accommodation – and an appointment before a divorce judge the next morning who can end unhappy marriages in just ten minutes, with an order that’s recognised in the UK (and USA.)
And the quickie divorced now-singles can either extend their holiday to celebrate, or fly straight back home after their court appearance.
As well, if just one partner chooses to make the flight and the divorce is uncontested, the agency, QuickDivorceUK can arrange the necessary power-of-attorney on behalf of the partner who stays at home, as well as providing a translator, a lawyer, and all legal paperwork to ensure that custody of children and division of property is to the satisfaction of both parties.
QuickDivorceUK says its fee of GBP4,500 (AU$6620) can save months or even years of court appearances and battles in the UK, and gives quickie divorcees a couple of days break in the balmy Caribbean as well.
Amongst big-names who’ve taken advantage of the Dominican Republic’s quickie divorce laws are singer Mariah Carey who ended her marriage to record company chief, Tommy Mottola there, and Mia Farrow and Andre Previn who also divorced in ten minutes before a Dominican divorce judge.
The place looks so lovely that couples might get all romantic again and stay hitched?


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