Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seriously super schnitzel

Vienna is not ALL about the schnitzel, but, as far as I am concerned I wouldn't visit without enjoying this local specialty. On a recent visit I discovered the stunning Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper where, while partaking in the Art of Enjoyment, I indulged in the art of the perfect Wiener Schnitzel.
This restaurant showcases traditional cuisine in the best way possible - Viennese tradition and modern design. The culinary focus is on the schnitzel, prepared according to the original recipe and using the choicest cuts of veal, and other Viennese specialties such as grilled fish and meat, pasta and seasonal dishes are prominently featured on the menu.
The name Wiener (Viennese) Schnitzel dates to the mid-19th century. The now classic dish may have originated as the costoletta alla milanese, a similarly prepared but thicker veal cutlet.
Legend has it that in 1857 the famous Austrian field marshal Count Joseph Radetzky brought the recipe back to  Vienna from the Italian territories under Habsburg rule. The story goes that when Radetzky submitted a report on the situation in Lombardy, an aide-de-camp to the Austrian Emperor added a side note abbout a 'deliciously breaded veal cutlet'. On Radetzky's return to the Imperial capital, the Emperor personally requested the recipe.
Gasthaus zur Oper, Walfischgasse 5-7, 1010 Vienna.

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  1. I just love Wiener Schnitzels.. my mother, (dutch) would make them from the most tender veal steaks.. there was an italain reasturant in Alice Springs called Ill Sorentinos and later Papa Guiseppis, he made the best Schnitzels sandwiches on the planet. Late June my huband and I were in Italy and experienced the Costaletta.. I could've died and gone to heaven... I live in Queensland and here they have "crumbed steak", it's enough t make you puke.. I make my own Weiner Schnitzels just like my mum, but trying to get the butcher to understand what you actually want is a chore.. veal is a potty calf or younger, not 12 months old... maybe I should move to Vienna.. :) *note to self, Vienna is next on the holiday list*