Monday, July 9, 2012

New edition of your fave magazine out now!

Get Up & Go winter edition has been published. This issue has some wonderful features to inspire you, thrill, move, educate and interest you. For example: did you know you can stay in a temple in Korea and participate in all the minutes of the temple days - lots of bending here. Drift down the River Kwai and discover this region of Thailand; hang out in Samoa for fun; discover Abu Dhabi and middle eastern hospitality; and take three separate train trips - up the Eiger in Switzerland, along the Maharaja's route in India and across the Nullarbor in Australia.
Remember the old tv series Route 66? Well, we go there. Read all about it.
And the BIG competition is still going - WIN a Great Australian Flight with Bill Peach Journeys across Australia worth almost $28,000 - the best prize up for grabs in Australia this year.
How about subscribing to the magazine for a friend or relative - let them in on the big secret of Get Up & Go. Happy travels.

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