Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seriously super schnitzel

Vienna is not ALL about the schnitzel, but, as far as I am concerned I wouldn't visit without enjoying this local specialty. On a recent visit I discovered the stunning Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper where, while partaking in the Art of Enjoyment, I indulged in the art of the perfect Wiener Schnitzel.
This restaurant showcases traditional cuisine in the best way possible - Viennese tradition and modern design. The culinary focus is on the schnitzel, prepared according to the original recipe and using the choicest cuts of veal, and other Viennese specialties such as grilled fish and meat, pasta and seasonal dishes are prominently featured on the menu.
The name Wiener (Viennese) Schnitzel dates to the mid-19th century. The now classic dish may have originated as the costoletta alla milanese, a similarly prepared but thicker veal cutlet.
Legend has it that in 1857 the famous Austrian field marshal Count Joseph Radetzky brought the recipe back to  Vienna from the Italian territories under Habsburg rule. The story goes that when Radetzky submitted a report on the situation in Lombardy, an aide-de-camp to the Austrian Emperor added a side note abbout a 'deliciously breaded veal cutlet'. On Radetzky's return to the Imperial capital, the Emperor personally requested the recipe.
Gasthaus zur Oper, Walfischgasse 5-7, 1010 Vienna.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Travelling light

Somone put an image of a little 'teardrop' caravan on facebook that looked pretty cute and I remembered taking pictures of one I found in a local museum in Victorville CA, along Route 66. The museum is an homage to Route 66, the pop culture surrounding it, the myths, legends and realities of the fabled highway - the Mother Road.
These darling littel caravans - teardrops -  are so economicalyl fitted out - as long as you don't carry television sets, microwave ovens, dish washers etc. - keep it simple and you can travel with ultimate charm and a lightweight load.

Read all about Route 66 in the current issue of Get Up & Go magazine -

Monday, July 9, 2012

New edition of your fave magazine out now!

Get Up & Go winter edition has been published. This issue has some wonderful features to inspire you, thrill, move, educate and interest you. For example: did you know you can stay in a temple in Korea and participate in all the minutes of the temple days - lots of bending here. Drift down the River Kwai and discover this region of Thailand; hang out in Samoa for fun; discover Abu Dhabi and middle eastern hospitality; and take three separate train trips - up the Eiger in Switzerland, along the Maharaja's route in India and across the Nullarbor in Australia.
Remember the old tv series Route 66? Well, we go there. Read all about it.
And the BIG competition is still going - WIN a Great Australian Flight with Bill Peach Journeys across Australia worth almost $28,000 - the best prize up for grabs in Australia this year.
How about subscribing to the magazine for a friend or relative - let them in on the big secret of Get Up & Go. Happy travels.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Unhappy packages - for a happy divorce

Our loyal reader and enthusiatic traveller David Ellis is always on the hunt for weird and whacky tales. His continuing search has uncovered a British travel agency that has joined others in the USA selling the ultimate in packages to the Caribbean for unhappy couples…
It’s got a two-day getaway to the Dominican Republic that includes a night’s hotel accommodation – and an appointment before a divorce judge the next morning who can end unhappy marriages in just ten minutes, with an order that’s recognised in the UK (and USA.)
And the quickie divorced now-singles can either extend their holiday to celebrate, or fly straight back home after their court appearance.
As well, if just one partner chooses to make the flight and the divorce is uncontested, the agency, QuickDivorceUK can arrange the necessary power-of-attorney on behalf of the partner who stays at home, as well as providing a translator, a lawyer, and all legal paperwork to ensure that custody of children and division of property is to the satisfaction of both parties.
QuickDivorceUK says its fee of GBP4,500 (AU$6620) can save months or even years of court appearances and battles in the UK, and gives quickie divorcees a couple of days break in the balmy Caribbean as well.
Amongst big-names who’ve taken advantage of the Dominican Republic’s quickie divorce laws are singer Mariah Carey who ended her marriage to record company chief, Tommy Mottola there, and Mia Farrow and Andre Previn who also divorced in ten minutes before a Dominican divorce judge.
The place looks so lovely that couples might get all romantic again and stay hitched?