Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kicks on Route 66

I got my kicks on Route 66 last week. A  drive out of Los Angeles and we were heading down the long, lonesome highway. The iconic road  (how many singers have sung its praises) is a joy - we visited the Joshua Tree National Park (if there are any Gram Parsons fans out there - you'll remember the significance/incident) and we stopped at the Bagdad Cafe - where the charming film was made;  and I tried a chocolate malt milkshake at one of the old highway truck stops. A Route 66 story will appear in a future edition of Get Up & Go magazine and we can share more of the history of this amazing highway - one that peope take across the breadth of America - we only did a couple of days for the experience but we took it to the end of the road - at Santa Monica pier.
If you are interested there's a great book on the road by Jerry McClanahan published by National Historic Route 66 Federation - not sure if it's still in print - or maybe you know of other books?
More to come - to get your kicks on Route 66 . . .
From Jerry McClanahan:

"While Route 66 tourism has evolved to the point were the actual trip is more important than the destination, every expedition needs a proper beginning and rewarding end. Traditionally seen as a 'westbound' journey, most of the people who come from the world over to 'get their kicks on Route 66' on the Mother Road, start their tour in Chicago, with the promised land of California drawing them like the sun to a western sunset . . ."

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  1. It's quite a route, Bev, so glad you got to experience some of it. Next time, you'll need to get all the way through Arizona and New Mexico. Classic stuff. Can't wait to read your whole piece.
    Check our Ron Warnick's blog/website @ ... He's kinda the biggest media influencer for Route 66 in the US. I'm not sure if anyone knows more than he does about the arcane tips and minutia than he. Good source. I haven't seen his app in a while, but you might check it out @