Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Los Angeles - wow!

I'm in Los Angeles attending an amazing travel trade show called Pow Wow - there are buyers for American product from all over the world here. Buyers are travel business buying rooms, packages, experiences for their company's clients, they come to America on behalf of international companies. There are 500 media here - including me. We get to walk around and met various people from every facet of American travel experiences - and it's fascinating. The events put on at night are spectacular - the entire Universal Studious turned over to 6000 of us! Oh, what a night. Tonight will be bigger still - Earth, Wind and Fire will be playing for us . . .as we party to mucho fab music and eat Wofgang Puck's food, we'll thanks LA for showing us a good time.
I did a hop-on-hop-off tour for two hours yesterday around LA with Starlight Tours - I thoroughly recommend the tour group.

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