Monday, March 26, 2012

The more ($$$$$) the merrier

Get Up & Go's trusty fact finder David Ellis says operators of upmarket SeaDream Yacht Club are used to having affluent guests come up with some unusual requests that make them stand out from the crowd.
But it was a group of Aussies in 2005 who still stick most in their minds. And not just because one of them paid a near-$700,000 to charter one of the twin SeaDream mega motor-cruisers to take 100 family and friends on a week-long voyage through the Mediterranean to celebrate his 60th birthday (and with 95 crew to ensure they did it in style.)
“Those guys made history,” recalled SeaDream’s President, Bob Lepisto on a sales visit to Australia last week. “They drank more beer in a week on board than anyone has ever done before or since in SeaDream’s 10 year history – so much in fact, that we were only half-way through the sailing when we realised they’d drunk a whole week’s supply and we had to go ashore and re-stock the whole yacht.”

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