Thursday, March 8, 2012

Afternoon tea with a chocolate theme

At the Langham Melbourne Hotel, there's a weekend treat that's not to be missed. Amid the chatter and clink of silver cutlery against fine china and the sound of laughter from the tables - a crowd gathers to taste some of Melbourne's finest sweet fare! I enjoyed afternoon tea there last week, and first came the heavy silver pots of tea (no teabags here). My tea was perfect for the eating road ahead for me - it was an elegant white needle tea - all the way from China. First up on the menu was a selection of finger sandwiches - egg, salmon, chicken; followed by the next layer down the tiered plate - baby quiche. Ahh next were the scones, with thick raspberry jam and solid King Island cream.
After a polite time between tea and scones I waddled over to the chocolate table and oohed and ahhed until I began to place the different offering on my plate - meringues, tarts, continental cream slice, baby cup cakes, all things of chocolate dropped from heaven.
No I didn't have them all - but I did my best to taste the rest.
Meet for the treat in Aria restauranrt for Tiffin Afternoon tea and also have the Chocolate Indulgence.

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