Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where you should be travelling in 2012

According to Abercrombie & Kent's compilation of trends (hot list) of destinations for 2012 we should be thinking outside the box. Try these on for size:
Cuba - classic cars, Cuban cigars and an array of colonial attractions, romantic Havana - just the beginnings of discovery.
Mongolia - one of the last travel frontiers - think yurts, wild horsemen, nomads and dramatic landscapes - and imagine Genghis Khan.
Myanmar - beautiful, peaceful and unspoilt, Myanmar (Burma) has ancient culture, modern turbulent politics and beautiful, glistening temples.
Nepal - Boasting the world's highest mountains, beautiful, sweeping Himalayan scenery, mediaeval architecture and charming rural villages.
Orissa - traditional delights of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh await you. This is the star of East India.
Russia - still an intriguing and fascinating place to explore, Russia offers up a profusion of historic monuments and cultural attractions. For galleries and museums, St Petersburg is where it's at.
Tanzania - home of the famous Serengeti, Tanzania will appeal to first-time visitors to Africa and seasoned travellers alike. Great game viewing - with Africa's highest mountain and deepest lake.
Tasmania - quaint colonial villages, magnificent, rugged landscapes, pristine national parks, fine food and wine and brilliant boutique accommodation - and so close to home.
Uganda - the 'Pearl of Africa' is an unexpected pleasure. A spell at the Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp' offers you one of the best chances of an encounter with this amazing primate.
Have you discovered somewhere that is well worth exploring?


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