Friday, February 24, 2012

Train yarns . . .on the right track a tiny town called Thirlmere, just 90km south of Sydney is Trainworks, a fantastic complex that offers up Australia's newest (about to celebrate its first birthday) and biggest train experience. Even if you're not a train afficionado or worse! this museum is fascinating and not only displays the big, small, old, newish an unusual locos it tells much of the history of New South Wales and how it began to be connected by rail and traversed by tracks.
In the future I'll write up more of this museum but for now I want to share these lovely images.
One of my favourite things is 'yarn bombing' or 'knitting graffiti', see older blog posts on this subject. The local knitters here 'yarn bombed' various parts/extremities of the trains and on some of the exhibits. In a display case there's a piece of knitted toast, knitted sugar cubes; knitted 'eyes' with eyelashes on the buffers and on the big levers - cheery covers . . .love your work ladies and thanks for the marvellous museum - Trainworks.

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