Monday, January 16, 2012

Summer is well and truly here . . .

Get Up & Go summer edition is on sale now. This bumper beauty has 10 pages of '50 Ways to Spend the Kids' Inheritance' - we show you how to rob the/your family bank! Outrageous, luxury, sensible, crazy, innovative and thoughtful ways to enjoy this amazing time of your life . .. but that's not all . . .there's more, much more.

We take you sailing in Greece, walking in Victoria's goldfields, coaching it in Provence, France and cookin' with gas in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Ever considered a house swap holiday? How about a house in Iceland - we've got the story.

The issue shows you a starry ski in New Zealand and an amazing, colourful festival in New Guinea. Play a round of golf in Brunei and take the train from London to Edinburgh; and did you know there was another Niagara? Read all about it in this issue of get Up & Go magazine - and check out the competition, win a holiday in Turkey . . .go to

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  1. Thank you Rod for tidying this up - silly to have two images of macarons - or is it?