Friday, January 27, 2012

South Australia - hot stuff!

A two hour drive back from the Clare Valley - hot as Hades out here, and even in Adelaide 34deg. beautiful stay at Thorn Hill in the Vines - a luxe B&B, that is top shelf - decor (my 'white' room so elegant, a gourmet meal last night that set me back a few paces - avocado salad soup, mmmm and a hearty 'yum', barramundi fillets with chilli roast potatoes on a stack of thinly sliced zucchini, couldn't fit the citrus salad in - but did manage the three fruit sorbet and a caramel ice cream that will be my last meal on earth.
After a breakfast o

f champions we reluctantly left the premise! David Hay and Michael Spears had been our pleasant and welcoming, and incredibly talented - design, decor, decoration and dining . . . (pictured).
Stopped at Martindale Hall (remember the school in Picnic at Hanging Rock?) - that's the one. Pictures of Martindale next blog.
Hit the big smoke and headed for central Markets - an Adelaide institution - what fresh food and - have you ever heard of doughnut peaches ? More on that next postong . . .

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Guests' criminal intent

In his continuing search for the more weird, wacky and wondrous in the world of travel, Get Up & Go reader David Ellis says light-fingered hotel guests in the UK helped themselves last year to enough goodies to start a second-hand shop – and it was anything other than just soaps and toiletries.
Amongst items that the country’s Best Western hotel group reported stolen by guests last year were a 20kg suit of armour, a two-piece leather sofa, a 4m-long model of the Concorde supersonic jetliner, a decorated Christmas tree, a life-size model of a man made out of papier mache, TV sets… and a cigarette machine.
Head of Marketing with the company, Tim Wade said the hotel was so proud of its soaps that it actually printed “So good you’ll want to steal two” on the wrappers – but he never expected so many other large-as-life items to go as well. “Goodness knows how they got them past Reception when they checked-out,” he said.
And while soaps and toiletries were still generally considered the most fair-game for pinching, many guests also helped themselves to their hotel room’s energy-saving light bulbs, batteries from the TV remote controllers, towels and bathrobes – and at one Best Western in the UK a bedspread and a matching set of curtains.

“Christmas gave us a particularly busy time replacing items,” Mr Wade said. “Our managers reported partying guests nicking off with a decorated Christmas tree from one hotel, a nativity scene from another, strings of Christmas lights, baubles and tinsel from yet others, and at one a whole garden bed of Christmas-time plants – including the bark chip mulch around them.”

It seems Some Mothers Do ‘ave ‘em.

(Image: Moira Burke courtesy Flickr/Wikipedia)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Summer is well and truly here . . .

Get Up & Go summer edition is on sale now. This bumper beauty has 10 pages of '50 Ways to Spend the Kids' Inheritance' - we show you how to rob the/your family bank! Outrageous, luxury, sensible, crazy, innovative and thoughtful ways to enjoy this amazing time of your life . .. but that's not all . . .there's more, much more.

We take you sailing in Greece, walking in Victoria's goldfields, coaching it in Provence, France and cookin' with gas in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Ever considered a house swap holiday? How about a house in Iceland - we've got the story.

The issue shows you a starry ski in New Zealand and an amazing, colourful festival in New Guinea. Play a round of golf in Brunei and take the train from London to Edinburgh; and did you know there was another Niagara? Read all about it in this issue of get Up & Go magazine - and check out the competition, win a holiday in Turkey . . .go to

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sailing in Greece

What a trip, five days and nights on board the Star Flyer - a beautiful reproduction clipper - so smooth ands elegant you can hardly believe it's not the original ship! We skipped over waves and flew through mythology and the romance of the Aegean Sea, we drew close to ancient islands and craggy hills; we explored the shores of islands, ate at small cafes and tavernas, browsed the tourist shops with their crafty wares, patted the odd cat and generally soaked up more than the Greek sun.
Read all about the trip in the upcoming Get Up & Go magazine - summer edition out in a week! Yassou!