Monday, October 24, 2011

Portugal calling . . .

I attended a travel show last Sunday and visited the stands where they were promoting Portugal. It isn't the flavour of the month for Aussie travellers and I wonder why? Lack of promotion, lack of education of the region. . .who knows, but what I do know, because I have been there, that it is one of Europe's most marvellous destinations.
I have visited Lisbon, Oporto and cruised the Douro River along the spectacular Douro Valley. This region is untouched by commercial tourism, is scenic, interesting, and ultimately seductive.
The amazing terraces that are the banks of the river slide down steeply to the water with tiny, narrow ledges/paths that grape pickers use - to pick the grapes that produce the 'port' of Portugal - the country's gold. And the Douro River is called the river of gold.
If you get the chance, take a holiday to this beautiful country - there's so much to do and see, you won't be sorry.

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