Monday, October 24, 2011

Portugal calling . . .

I attended a travel show last Sunday and visited the stands where they were promoting Portugal. It isn't the flavour of the month for Aussie travellers and I wonder why? Lack of promotion, lack of education of the region. . .who knows, but what I do know, because I have been there, that it is one of Europe's most marvellous destinations.
I have visited Lisbon, Oporto and cruised the Douro River along the spectacular Douro Valley. This region is untouched by commercial tourism, is scenic, interesting, and ultimately seductive.
The amazing terraces that are the banks of the river slide down steeply to the water with tiny, narrow ledges/paths that grape pickers use - to pick the grapes that produce the 'port' of Portugal - the country's gold. And the Douro River is called the river of gold.
If you get the chance, take a holiday to this beautiful country - there's so much to do and see, you won't be sorry.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Europe here we come

I was interviewed by Glenn Wheeler on Macquarie Network 2GB radio station last Saturday - talking about Get Up & Go of course. And we chatted about the Europe special - it never ceases to draw Australians across the world. We may have visited when we were young backpackers but hey, now we like a bit more comfort. And it's wonderful to revisit places and discover them all over again. But it's not all about Europe, we've explored 'voluntourism' and joining Rotary, so it's about giving back too. We visit our own lovely country - take a cooking class and head deep into the caves at Margaret River WA. Enter the competition for a holiday in Turkey - crazy if you don't. Learn more about the magazine via the interview - how embarrassing listening to yourself! It's all for the good of get Up & Go. Have a gorgeous day. I'm off to Tassie today to check out Wrest Point and MONA! The interview is here, and the inages are of a bread seller outside the Topkapi Palace/Museum and some wonderful spices on sale at the Grand Bazaar Istanbul.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spring has sprung!

The new, spring edition of Get Up & Go has hit the shelves! Our big fat Europe special has been created to inspire you to get up and go to Europe. We cover the grand city of Istanbul; the magic of Montmarte in Paris; a cruise on the Danube and a winter cruise on the Rhone. There are ideas on what to do in Amsterdam and Bruges, plus how to learn the lingo in Italy. Take an Irish road trip, volunteer to work with elephants and we tell you just how Rotary works and how you can help.
We attend a cooking school in northern NSW and go caving in Western Australia. There is so much to read about. Also there's a subscription prize of a holiday in Turkey - got your attention?
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