Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Travelling cats

On my recent jaunt to Greece and Turkey I kept my eye out for notable cats. And in Greece, there are always cats. I remember the first time I visited Greece in the late 70s and was thrilled to see so many cats around. A friend of mine who is not impressed with anything rodent-like said she loved the cats of Athens because as a crowded and grungy as the city wa then - the cats kept the 'you-know-whats' population down.
I also had the local moggies crowding around me in taverna's just in case a fish head or other tidbit fell from the table into their mouths. Here are a couple of felines I met along the way - in Turkey, Cannakale (man and kitten in cafe); dude cat sunning itself under a seat in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum; and a stunning mosaic creature that was originally on the battlement walls of Babylon - how beautiful it is, so well-preserved, so modern in concept. There are several panels in the museum - all as immaculate as this.
Read all about Istanbul in the upcoming issue of Get Up & Go - out next week.

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