Monday, September 5, 2011

Gingerbread house (almost)

I received this beautiful image from a friend who has been travelling in Europe. The colour is so vivid and positive, it feels like there could be kids called Hansel and Gretel living there - and no bad witch neighbour around either.

Scott Lawrance stumbled across this storybook perfect cottage in the village of Putgarten on the island of Rugen which is in the Baltic Sea, East Germany. It seems that being in East Germany under Communist rule has preserved these little Tudor villages from any modernism and they have remained virtually untouched. Rugen is Germany's largest island and is now one of the most visited holiday destinations. Also famous for its sand beaches and chalk cliffs Rugen is located off the north-eastern coast of Germany approximately 4 hours from Hamburg.
So you heard it from us first!
In the upcoming spring edition of the magazine we are featuring Europe as the main destination - and it just doesn't get any better at the moment for travellers - cruise the Danube, visit Bohemia, head to Paris, mooch around Amsterdam, discover Bruges, learn Italian in Tuscany and enjoy Istanbul.
Enjoy this image - it's our 'picture of the week'.

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