Thursday, August 4, 2011

The new Greece

Arrived in Athens at a sweltering midday to find there were no taxis. Strike happening, and had to use my old hippie smarts to find the best person to get me to a hotel in a district that I had no idea about.
Five old guys drinking coffee when they should be working - my target (offered one of them some euros to take me there). Endaxi! Gave me a lift, I parted with the cash and he gave me his number in case I got stuck anywhere. Trust is the key!
Athens is frantic, everyone looks very grumpy even though half the population has left town for a the summer holidays.
Despite the country being broke, Gen Y are spending up big at the department store sales - why not? Yeti Ochi?
Main focus for me was getting around on the metro (much improved since I was here last) and the local buses - they turn up!
The new Acropolis Museum is stunning - elegant and spacious and very much the people's museum with kids and adults enjoying the interactivity of the set up. The floors slope upwards (to replicate the place where most of the exhibits come from, around the base of the Acropolis) and are glass, which is quite disconcerting - mild vertigo looking down at the diggings underneath.
Left Athens for a two hour bus trip to Napflion, a lovely town in the Peloponnese.
More to come . . .yassas!

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