Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to cancel your holiday

I don't know about you but I've only cancelled a flight once - and due to family problems it was all I could do. I was refunded some money but it didn't matter. Seeing this piece that our loyal and friendly Get Up & Go reader David Ellis sent in surprised me - who cancels willy nilly? Do people make crazy spur of the moment bookings and are they too chicken to say they can't afford the trip and they made a mistake.
In his continuing search for the more weird, wacky and wondrous in the world of travel, David Ellis says accommodation website has revealed some of the weirder calls received at its Customer Service Call Centre by people wanting to cancel holiday bookings.

They included:

• A customer who claimed her cat had walked on her computer keyboard, resulting in the wrong dates being booked.
• Another who said she couldn’t stay at a particular hotel because she believed she had stayed there in a previous life.
• A father who called because his child was sick, just as a young voice in the background called out “but I’m not sick, daddy!”
• A customer who asked to cancel a booking because of fraud, claiming his four-year-old child had used his credit card to process an online booking.
• After checking into his hotel room, one customer called to complain that there was an “adult photo shoot” underway in a nearby room.
• During a lengthy chat, an intoxicated customer began to cry, telling the staff member “please don’t hang up, don’t leave me, your voice is so beautiful.”
• Another customer wanted to book herself, her husband and two children into a two-bedroom apartment, but asked to change the childrens’ bedroom from a twin to a double, “because her children weren’t twins.”
• Yet another called to say she was mystified by hotel bookings made on her credit card under her partner’s name – because they were at hotels she’d never stayed at.
• And one believed he was entitled to cancel a non-refundable booking –because he was the President of his local cards club.
Too those 'cancellers' - here's a couple of images that surely you wouldn't think of not visiting . . .…………………………….

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