Monday, July 11, 2011

Survey reveals sleep habits

A national survey of 1200 Australians* by Travelodge Hotels has delved into the nation’s sleep habits and revealed that the ‘Friday Feeling’ is no longer defined by a few drinks after work, but the signal for a good night’s sleep, with over a third (37%) reporting Friday night as their best night’s sleep of the week!
And the worst? With Monday morning playing on our minds, almost 40% stated Sunday night’s sleep as a struggle…and it’s work related stress at fault, with a quarter of respondents (25%) tossing and turning because of work worries.

Work woes
Work woes affect men the most, with a third reporting it as the main reason they can’t sleep at night. For women, while the office is definitely a factor (22%), they’re mostly missing out on precious shut-eye because of their partner’s snoring! A quarter (25%) of the female respondents complained of a noisy other half, compared to just 8% of men!

A sneaky doze
The survey also revealed that we’re not catching up on crucial missed sleep under the covers. Busy lifestyles are seeing Aussies catching up wherever they can and it might be our work that’s suffering with 26% of men and 16% of women confessing to a sneaky doze in a meeting. Other places where Aussies are attempting to get out of sleep debt include trips on the bus or train to work (62%), at the movies (40%) and in a lecture (32%).
The survey was commissioned by Travelodge Hotels, just one aspect of a new sleep campaign that sees Travelodge Hotels engaged in a range of activities to help ensure a good night’s sleep for every guest including complimentary Good Sleep Guides and “dream tea” for all guests. In 16 city locations across Australia and New Zealand, Travelodge Hotels offer great rates, rest assured.
Rachel Argaman, CEO of Travelodge Hotels, says: “Providing a good night’s rest for guests is a priority for the teams at each Travelodge Hotel across Australia and New Zealand. Whether you’re on holiday or a business trip, a good night’s sleep puts you in the right headspace for tackling the day’s excitement and challenges. We want Travelodge guests to feel relaxed and revitalised when they check-out and this new survey shows just how important that commitment is to the wellbeing of our guests.”

Other interesting statistics from the Travelodge survey:
On average, Australians report getting six to seven hours’ sleep per night (62%)
42% of single Aussies are cuddling up to a pillow to help them drift off, compared to 33% of those married or in a relationship. The loved up Aussies are overwhelmingly cuddling their partner (92%)
When it comes to what side of the bed we sleep on, we’re creatures of habit. An overwhelming 71% stick to their familiar side of the bed even when in a hotel.
18% of 18-24 year olds admit to being afraid of the dark and conquer this fear by sleeping with the TV on (50%).
For general sleep tips, hints on how to combat jetlag and more information about sleep, Travelodge have created the “Sleep Centre” which guests can access at any time through the Travelodge website:

About Travelodge Hotels
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*Survey was conducted via online survey tool Survey Monkey of 1200 over 18 year old Australian men and women during May 2011


  1. That is quite true indeed. Friday night and then the Saturday morning is always a good night to sleep! We try and go to bed early on Sunday night but it's hard to do that sometimes!

  2. So true!I can't wait for bed on a Friday night as I am usually shattered! A couple of extra hours sleep recharges the old batteries.