Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Far, far away from Sydney - Birdsville

I had a quick 'flying' visit to Birdsville this year when the Dash 8 that was carrying us Bill Peach Journeys people landed for lunch.
We had lunch in the Birdsville Pub - one of Australia's most famous pubs. Once a year, hundreds of people descend on this remote Outback town to go to the races! The local oval is filled with tents, the caravan park is bulging and the airstrip is as crowded as a supermarket car park - folk fly in from all over for the races and a crazy time!
The day we arrived Birdsville was as quiet as a sleepy mouse.
Birdsville is situated on the Diamantina River (which unusually had water in it) between the sands of the Simpson Desert and the 'gibbers' (a rock formation on the surface of the ground - often called stony pavement)of Sturts Stony Desert. The entire area is steeped in history from Aboriginal meeting places to European settlement in the late 1870s. The population of Birdsville is about 120 and there are modern facilities or all travellers who land, drive or race into town.
Road Trains supply the town with fresh produce and general supplies from Adelaide (south) and Quilpie (east) on a fortnightly basis.
Visit: www.birdsvilleraces.com/Abouit/Aboutbirdsville

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