Thursday, June 16, 2011

Winter warmer menu

Sydney's cooler than school Swissotel has just put its new winter menu up for grabs and I taste-tested it last night. Brilliant executive chef Justin Zammit works his magic and had devised an intelligent and inspired menu, that features the best of Aussie produce and an inspired execution.
I couldn't try everything but mu choices were:
Entree - caramelised long stem artichoke, Meredith's curd and walnut and honeycomb salad
Amuse - Pan seared barramundi and olive ice cream
Main - Pan salmon fillet, slow cooked organic cherry tomatoes,vanilla mash, herb paint
Dessert - Apple and rhubarb crumble, strawberry ripple ice cream, milk cookies.
(Dessert was great but I wish I had have had the Lindt 'Noir de Domaine' dark chocolate souffle hokey pokey mascarpone and vanilla bean ice cream.)
The JPB restaurant awaits your company:
The Swissotel
68 Market St
Tel: 02 9238 8888
8th floor

The top picture is an ice creation which held a calvados sorbet - how fabulous is it?

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