Monday, June 27, 2011

Get Up & Go winter issue out now!

Every time I put an issue of Get Up & Go magazine to bed it's with a big sigh of relief, then the excitement starts to build. The first copy to hit my desk is the thrill of the week. And one just turned up. It looks lovely and the cover with penguins should be a hit with everyone.
The birds are part of the parade of amazing animals featured in our Antarctica story.
We have pages and pages of train journeys - so off you choof!
There are stories on Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, England, Hawaii, Fiji, Oman, New Zealand and Macau.
Australia features too with a wonderful air touring trip across the top of Australia; the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, some coffee secrets in Melbourne and the new MONA gallery in Tasmania.
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Go on, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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