Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Outback rock star

Just a couple of images to tantalise! The dragon fly was taken by Melinda Pigott, who was our tour director - more like hostess with the mostest on the Bill Peach air cruising trip last week. Melinda took this beautiful image at Gantheume Point in Broome. We had a ocuple of days in Broome, sunny, blue skies and balmy nights. This is my choice for 'Picture of the Month'.
The other one is of me, the 'Rock Star' with the twilight coloured Uluru in the background. This was just before a group of us sat down to the stunning concept 'Sounds of Silence' dinner in the desert. Uluru behind me and Kata Tjuta in front of me - what a beautiful country we live in. After a tasty three course dinner an astrologer talked about the twinkling stars and planets overhead after we had dimmed the table lamps - an experience everyone should aspire to.
The other picture is a few of my travelling companions reading Get Up & Go magazine.
From left: Jim (Canada), Neil (Qld), Margaret (NSW),Maree (Qld), Gwen (NSW) and Mary Ann (Canada). This lot were just a few of a group of 28 fabulous travelling companions - way to go.

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  1. Nice picture Bev! And I thought that I saw you at the Bourdain Gill talk on Thursday night but you were right at the front as there were hundreds of people between us!