Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Washing day

Continuing my fascination with India I want to share the washing day image. Everywhere we went where there was a river - there were woman and some men washing. Beating rolled wet clothes to a pulp almost, this water washes bodies, food, cooking pots and clothes, sheets, towels, saris and more.
Every white piece of fabric was whiter than white, and these mum's didn't have a Whirlpool!
I asked a woman I met there if she owned a washing machine: "Yes, I do, but after I use the machine, the house help takes the clothes to the river - the machine just doesn't clean the clothes as well." See these lovely clean clothes in the picture.
The other shot was of a sweat little bird poking out of a hole in the wall of the big temple in the palace at Mysore.
(Thai International Airways flew me to India, to Chennai via Bangkok.)

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  1. Hi Bev, Loved your wonderful photos of India! Enjoyed your posts too. I check your blog regularly. Always makes me feel good! Keep up the great work!