Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Indian signs of the times

Still sorting through many images from my recent trip to India. The further I get away from my return, the fonder are my memories. It really is a big cliche - that is, India! It's been said forever 'a land of contrasts!'. And it is, at every blink of an eye, at every corner, every day - something that sits beside something else that is crazy and just doesn't fit - but it does and it's India. The picture here of the 'modern men's urinal' is mad, as around the corner, 'un-modern' men are peeing up against walls in the street, or on anything that doesn't move; the soft drink bottles and the coconuts - two snack drinks - and the coconuts are healthier and cheaper - every gutter has a pile of coconut shell litter decomposing; and the sign across the front of the bus: 'God's grace', it's the only way you survive a bus trip. We drove up a mountain with 30 hair-pin bends - true! Face to face with other large vehicles; motor bikes and scooters and cheeky cars - everyone wants to get to heaven in a hurry - by God's grace.
Read more about my India trip in the next issue of Get Up & Go magazine. Namaste!

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