Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ho Chi Minh City - still shines as Saigon

A day or so in Saigon is like a week anywhere else, staying in District ! at the delightful Caravelle Hotel (yes, still the best breakfast in Asia)we are opposite the charming Opera House, near every high end shop in town and 15 minutes walk away from the real shopping in Ben Thanh Markets - oh joy, oh joy!
The streets are buzzing with millions of motorbikes and we were pedalled around in a rickshaw yesterday - always a bit embarrassing as the drivers are usually the size of my left leg!
Visited the Reunification Palace and for the first time I visited the War Remnants Museum (much more realistic than the word 'War Memorial'); sombre and heartbreaking, the museum pulls no punches and the photographs on the walls tell the horrific story of Vietnam's suffering.
A funny thing happened at the Palace, there was a group of war vets, men and women who were ecstatic about having their photographs taken with us . . .see, you don't have to mention the war!
Off to Myanmar later today - the world is truly amazing place.


  1. The picture of mee and the ';vets' has me scrunching down as I was taller that all of them and they keep shoving me to the front - wonder what the family are going to ask when the piictures are shown around!

  2. This picture is hysterical! I thought you looked a little uncomfortable, now I know it was because you were trying to crouch down - not because you were afraid they were going to mention the war! Must have been a facinating place though...

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