Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Travelling around southern India

Well, India might be the IT centre of the universe but trying to get a plug to fit my computer, and download my pictures is more than difficult. I have loaded a picture of the resort I'm in today. Been here two nights with day visits to temples of unimaginable imagination - centuries old and putting the pyramids in a shadow the temple in Tanjore is big and is named 'the big temple', roads are teeth clenching dangerous, no hits yet though. Cars, trucks, bicycles, motor bikes and scooters, bullock driven wagons, goats, cows, people all vie for their piece of road to be transported on - and it's usually a narrow rural road. Getting my head round India as it's my first visit. Love the food, hate the service, love the countryside, hate the mountains of rubbish that lines the road and frames the background scenery - love the kids,love the immaculate appearance of nearly everyone - as they sail through the debris of modern living - the plastic bag has much to answer for . . . this is early days of my journey, hopefiully there will be better images if I can just get technical somewhere . . .
I'm at Paradise Resort, Darasuram Kumbakonam. Visit;

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