Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I saw Mysore

Having a day mooching around Mysore. Went out early this morning but just the first flush of traffic and a few wandering cows about - nothing happens until 10am. Found a new four-storey supermarket - where a couple of packets of crisps would cost the same as week's wages for some poor bugger in the paddy fields. And what about the biscuits?
There were three aisles and several baskets of packet biscuits - shame, the Indians have such splendid teeth.
Palaces, guesthouses and mansions that were the vanity of the Maharajahs and British entitlement are now run down with unkempt gardens - most are now schools, training colleges and educational facilities here in the lovely city of Mysore - education for the masses? Those folk in the past wouldn't have been amused!
Tomorrow the train to Chennai, one day there and return to Sydney - will I find it unusual that there are no cows at the bus stop, that an elephant is not wandering through a temple shopping arcade, that there will be no men lined up along any fence structure existing having a pee in public? Funny how the abnormal quickly becomes the normal - that's India for you.
The happy snaps are: me at a bus stop; a new, innovative public toilet and a few of the well-travelled Brits on a tea shop stop at the bottom of the Nilgiri Hills.

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