Thursday, October 7, 2010

Art & About Sydney 2010

Are You Looking At Me? Laneway Art

We haven't got to the excellent laneway exposition status of Melbourne yet but someone's trying! Contemporary Australian artists have transformed eight laneways in central Sydney into temporary art installations as part of Art & About Sydney 2010.
Nine artists are exploring the potential of forgotten city lanes in a new way, through light projection, sound, text and imagery.
The contemporary artists working on Are You Looking At Me? include Simryn Gill, Jan van der Ploeg, Jon Campbell, Justene Williams, Mikala Dwyer, Simon Yates, Newell Harry, Nike Savvas and Rocket Mattler.
Conceived by international art curator Barbara Flynn, the Are You Looking At Me? Laneway project will both delight and challenge the public whilst enlivening and reactivating under utilised urban spaces.
“Each artist has come up with a new work especially for the project. Their art will so radically transform the space, it will be as if people are seeing the laneway for the first time. Their art will transcend temporality and become an unforgettable part of the living memory of Sydney,” said curator Barbara Flynn.
Last year, an estimated 100,000 people explored the By George Hidden Networks - Laneway Art project.
The Are You Looking At Me? Laneway Art project will remain in place until January 31.

Art & About Sydney runs until 24 October 2010. The full program will be online in early September:

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