Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All is fair in Sydney

Pick any Saturday or Sunday from the end of September to mid November in Sydney (or for that matter any city and surrounds in Australia) and you'll find a suburban or city-based food fair or local craft fair.
Close to me in the inner west last Sunday as the Summer Hill Food Fair. This is a small village close to the railway line and populated with all strata of people. The food fair was meticulously organised and down the main street the aromas enticed the visitors: barbecued octopus, pizza, grilled prawns, lamb curry, spicy kebabs, pad Thai, cakes, baklava, gelato and superb coffee.
A South American band was playing sexy salsa for entertainment and the sun shone – and all was well with the world.
An ex- Get Up & Go art director was there too promoting her charming shop 'Sweets work shop', and selling lovely gifts and affordable works of art.
Fetes, bazaars, fairs and craft shows are quintessential elements of colour and familiarity of community and I find if I am visiting other cities, states or countries I like to tag along to the wanderers as goods are inspected, stuff browsed over and friendly banter is to be had. This is another way of having an authentic travel experience.
So, if you are a local, or a visitor planning any city visits, check the local council websites and you can be part of all the fun of a fair.
Visit: www.sweetsworkshop.com.au


  1. Thanks Bev, the Summer Hill fair was a delicious event! Our Food Fight exhibition, all about the sweet tooth, will be on until the 5th November.

  2. Loved the day - and i love (in the Food Fight exhib) those little fabric hamburgers - too cute.