Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Winning ticket for England

Following is a letter from Get Up & Go's prize winner of the trip to North East England to enjoy the area and especially the Hartlepool Tall Ships Race Event. I was also there but managed to miss our two happy winners.
Hello Bev..... Well we are back home and back at work already. It's hard to
believe that just a week ago we were crawling over sailing ships and
swanning around beautiful old castles.
I want to thank Get Up & Go sincerely for giving me the opportunity to fulfill
my boyhood dream of being aboard a real tall ship. The Hartlepool experience
was truly magical. To see all those wonderful craft gathered there with
flags waving in the breeze was a sight to behold.The atmosphere was fabulous
and the crowds really were in the spirit of the occasion.
The emotion experienced from seeing such beauty was overwhelming.
Then add to this the wonderful accommodation in old castles and homes and
the dream is complete.
We covered miles and miles exploring the region and visiting many of the old
castles and ruins, plus a walk along Hadrian's wall to cap things off.
There were so many magical moments, that I could write a book about that
beautiful part of the world. It far exceeded my expectations... and believe
me they were already high.
If I never get to travel anywhere else, I will satisfy myself that I have
enjoyed a very special holiday to a very special place.
So, again, thank you so much.
Kindest regards and best wishes,
Geoff and Sharon Naismith.

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  1. They look so happy! I wonder if he bought that sea captain hat especially for the trip.... And you should encourage more people to write thank you letters, it's a dying art.