Monday, August 30, 2010

Maria, Maria, Maria

Well, it's not West Side Story - more like on the east coast off Tasmania story. I'm just finishing writing up a story on the Maria Island Walk I did last February - read all about it in the Spring edition of Get Up & Go magazine. And wishing I had ten pages to fill with it, I could ramble on forever it was so good, I thought I'd put a couple of pics up so you could have your walking appetite whetted.
Book soon as the walks happen from mid Oct - end of April. gets a bit too chilly down there after that. The island is so wonderful with amazing natural attributes, and A lot of history pre colonisation and post - makes for a fascinating perambulation.


  1. Looks wonderful, Bev, look forward to the big read. It's a walk that always sounds really appealing. Love the colour of the water.

  2. That looks so stunning. I don't mind walks when they're accompanied by such scenery!

  3. We also did this marvellous trip, last year, and it's certainly one to rival the great Routeburn or Queen Charlotte tracks in NZ in my opinion. The tents we stayed in were comfortable and our cheerful, tireless young guides did an incredible job rustling up gourmet meals in the camp kitchens from ingredients they carried in their backpacks. They also somehow managed to serve us wine and beer that never ran out. They introduced us, too, to that great Australian invention, the solar-powered composting dunny. My favourite part of the walk was the stroll along a seemingly enedless pristine white beach; also coming face to face with stunning birds and wildlife including echidnas and a friendly wombat.

    Bev, did you climb to the summit on the last day? The spectacular views made the effort worthwhile. BH

  4. Looks wonderful! Do the walks run all year round?

  5. Hi Nicola, the walks run between October to April. It's great, don't miss out