Wednesday, August 25, 2010

International food @ Hartlepool

At the Hartlepool (North East England) Tall Ships Race Event in August, with the influx of international ships and sailors came their cuisine along with them. Along the sides of the harbour and on the wharfs, emanating from food stalls, beautiful, aromatic flavours wafted on the warm, northern summer air. Massive bowls were being stirred with noodles, chilli and savoury meats and the best of baking was to be seen. Italian, French, Spanish and Middle Eastern pastries, cakes and confections were on display. Early in the day I heard the odd" OOOh, I wouldn't eat that", coming from some of the more conservative coastal folk but as the day lengthened, young families and cosmopolitan visitors we queuing (as the English do so politely) to grab their share of the goodies on offer.
So, apart from the race days and ship inspections, there were gourmet treats for all, concerts and good will was the order of the occasion. Visit: and

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