Monday, July 12, 2010

Packing tips

The key is to roll your cloths! And if you are backpacking take as little as possible! – Teddy Cook
Prepare the clothes you intend to take, then halve the pile. – Shenee Tuck
Yes, roll! And charge someone else with halving your pile before it goes in the bag! – Jane Nicholls
Passport and credit card is all you need. – Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan
Pack and then remove half of what you have packed. If you are going o/s take waterproof jacket and stand out like a sore thumb but heck it can be a life saver in some of the cold windy countries– Joan Morgan Pack a sarong to double as a towel, a large scarf to keep warm in flights and for a quick modesty fix, and house keys in the hand luggage! – Belle Jackson Never trust airlines - only check-in what you can afford to lose or at least be without for a few days. – Martyn Paterson
Always carry-on a spare set of clothes, toiletries, medications & leave a copy of your itinerary inside your suitcase.
If you are travelling on low-cost airlines - particularly in Europe where they prefer you to not check-in luggage - make sure your carry-on bag is big enough to switch heavy items from your suitcase.
·Always pack a large empty plastic bag in your suitcase when you leave home. Then stick all your unwashed clothes in it as you travel. This has saved me from the dirty sock horror many times. – Bruce Heilbruth
If doing a lot of road trips don’t wear white! Red, orange & pink are good colours in dusty areas! – Tiffany Snowdon
Any more for any more?
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  1. When you buy cosmetics ask for purse sized versions of them for things like foundation which are often housed in heavy, frosted glass bottles. They don't often give them to you if you ask at a later date as so many people ask for samples but they're motivated to when you buy things!

  2. At last, I've discovered another 'roller'! I started packing my clothes using the bundle method years ago, and would never pack any other way now. Clothes cushion each other and come out less creased. PLUS you can very safely carry a bottle of red in the very centre of the roll!