Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top travel to Rotorua

Kia ora. Just arrived back from four amazing days in Rotorua, in the North Island of New Zealand. I was part of 100-strong NSW winners of a competition to indulge in either a Thrill Me, Free Me or Pamper Me package to experience what this wonderful city and region has to offer. There was every type of extreme sport/activity to be had and for me (Pamper Me of course) every type of sensory overload experience. Hot pools, cool pools, town water, geothermal water, massage, cruising, swimming, eating, eating, and did I mention eating? We all enjoyed a splendid Maori Cultural Show and ate an enormous buffet after - and let me tell you Pavlova has never gone out of fashion in Rotorua - they serve it, love it and make it so beautifully that I concede - it was invented in New Zealand!
Air New Zealand flies directly to Rotorua twice a week - so if you want a short break you can't go wrong heading across the ditch.
The panels on top of this page are all from the Rotorua trip - the long furry grass-like plants (sorry I don't know their name - do you? Comment now) are growing on the lawn of the elegant Solitaire Lodge; the ferns were an excuse for me to stop and take a photo on a bushwalk; the handsome heads feature in the library/games room at the divine Treetops Lodge and the fence post Maori artwork is at the end of the walk towards the city after leaving the Rotorua Museum.
Our featured Get Up & Go readers were winners and enjoyed the Pamper Me package too. And being Get Up & Go readers they get a special spot on the blog. Please meet Maria and Jeff Allen from Emerald Beach NSW. The other picture is of me taken looking into the window at Solitaire Lodge with the brilliant scenery in the background. More Rotorua stories to come in Get Up & Go magazine.
Oooh, I could do with another mud bath right now . . .
Visit: www.rotoruanz.com


  1. Isn't NZ fabulous! I absolutely love it there :)

  2. Rotorua was one of my favourite spots in New Zealand. It sounds like you had a fabulous trip! What was a mud bath like?

  3. Mud wrap at the Polynesian Spa was fabulous and before the wrap and massage a good soaking in the three (of varying heat) rock pools . . .ahhh