Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top 10 beach & sun destinations – can you beat these?

Tripadvisor's Travellers' Choice Destinations Awards – Top 10 Beach & Sun Destinations in the World following. But what have you got to say? If you have a favourite beach that is better than any of these I'll print it in the next issue of Get Up & Go.
1. Providenciales. I had never heard of them. They are the Turks Caicos Islands, part of the Bahamas Chain. I googled them and they look divine.
2. Tulum, Mexico – romance with an ancient angle - try the traditional Mayan massage.
3. Byron Bay, Australia – well, we know this one. Great lighthouse, sightings of whales, dolphins and sea turtles.
4. Cook Islands – remote and mysterious, only because we haven't been there yet! In the upcoming winter edition of Get Up & Go we are featuring the Cook Islands.
5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (USA) – a family-friendly beach with many attractions nearby.
6. Huatulco, Mexico – not overdeveloped but the hotels are good and the beaches superb.
7. Negril, Jamaica – leave the sunny sands for crocodile watching or horseback riding.
8. Culebra, Puerto Rico – a bit of an anti-tourist destination, no flashy hotels but the beaches speak for themselves.
9. Boracay, Philippines – small enough to navigate by rented bicycle but size isn't everything - the beaches are spectacular.
10. San Diego, California – the classic Californian experience - boardwalk, beach volleyball and a classic amusement park.
I think the majority of voting for these top 10 sun & beach destinations came from American travellers.
C'mon Get Up & Go readers - show me what you know - and I know there are better beaches for us to compile a list. 'Huatulco, Mexico?' - wouldn't hold a candle to 90 mile beach in WA or Whitehaven in the Whitsundays, or . . . or . . .or . . .
The beach featured didn't make the list - just the family beach at Forster, NSW - not bad at all!
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  1. Or Hyam's Beach, New South Wales.

  2. Byron Bay the top Australian beach? Ummm. Nothing from Mozambique? Hmmmm. But I have to agree that Aitutaki Lagoon in the Cooks is a definite contender (want a story with pix, Bev?)

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