Sunday, May 30, 2010

Special Thai pizza delivery

On Friday Thai Airways International celebrated its 50th birthday by inviting a group of travel writers and public relations managers ( all members of the Australian Society of Travel Writers) . What a day. It was held at Hugos Bar Pizza in Kings Cross, Sydney. Hugos is owned by celebrity chef Peter Evans and he was there with his mate 'Paulie' from the SBS Pizza show ( bad, bad boy). This event is one that happens regularly at Hugo's. You gather a group of people together (min. 35 – max. 80) and they are given aprons to wear and then the fun starts. We all watched as the experts showed us some 'bar flair" (remember the Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown movie Cocktail?) Then we were shown how to make mojito's (cocktails) - then we got the pizza demo. And what excellent pizzas. It's all in the thin crust and topping – to be spare - don't overload it.
We created pizza's and had to name them . . .this was a sensational day, funny, mastercheffish, gourmet informative and in a tasty way, a bonding experience.
Happy birthday Thai Airways International - and folks, although the flights are doing well - the destination is suffering due to recent events. But Thailand is so much more than Bangkok - see the next issue of Get Up & Go magazine for a story on the charming seaside town of Hua Hin. Sawasdee!
Picture above, from left: Peter Evans, Sue Marr (Marketing Manager Australia, Thai Airways International), moi and Paulie, the Pizza guy.