Monday, April 5, 2010

List of sites to see

Site seeing
Online resources deliver information to travellers that will open their minds, read the world weather; catch up with exchange rates, make savvy choices when using local transport; understand quarantine and customs regulations across all borders. Travellers go armed with the knowledge that they have sourced every bit of data they can to stay safe, legal and informed.
World weather:
Exchange rates:
World time zones:
Passport details:
Visa info:
Travel advice:
Hotel reviews:
Travel doctor:
Travel gadgets:
Travel tips:
Airlines’ background:
Worldwide airports:
Carbon offset:
Tag your luggage:
World events listing:
World trouble spots:
For fun:
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For everything:;
Anzac Day
As we are coming up to Anzac day I thought these pictures would be appropriate. This cemetery was outside of Port Moresby in New Guinea. Most of the graves had inscribed upon them: A Soldier of the 1939–1946 War. Unknown soldiers all but remembered with respect. The poignancy was all the more potent as we walked through a hot day with the scents of frangipani, how could you ever imagine, a war in this place? Lest we forget.


  1. Great list of resources Bev! I knew some of them but not all of them and I'm sure you're the person to ask about the definitive list! :)

  2. Thanks, makes me think sadly about my late WW2 veteran father, still terribly missed.