Monday, April 19, 2010

Ashes to ashes

Well, I haven't had the call! Black Friday when that pesky volcano (with an unpronounceable name - Eyjafjallajokull) put the brakes on any flights going and coming from Europe - so my eagerly anticipated trip to the UK with Emirates via Dubai is up in the air - ha ha - so to speak. Tuesday and I thought perhaps today could be departure time - but no. Nature's revenge? Not much to do about it though except be patient. Apparently there have been 63,000 flights cancelled in the past five days.
On another note, see this fabulous picture of the man shaving another man. I saw it on a press release for Nemonic Concepts, a company that provides wonderful, luxurious trips FIT and for incentive groups to some of the best places in the world. And India being hot to trot at the moment I thought this picture said a thousand words. The theme is 'the mark of true luxury is not in the grand gesture but the simpler things in life done well.'
Enjoy your week and happy travels - out of the ashes.
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